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Incredibly exciting that @scouts have launched #SquirrelScouts! Over 200 new Squirrel Dreys open this month, in areas most affected by the pandemic, giving opportunities for 4 and 5 years old, and volunteers to learn #SkillsForLife 🐿️

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This Friday is #PositiveTwitterDay, a chance to explore a respectful discussion with someone with different opinions to yourself, or share a positive experience of using @Twitter!

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The excellent @votesforschools helped us engage young people at both primary and secondary school to make sure the results of #TalkTogether were a true reflection of what the breadth of the British public thought, not just over 18s!
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VotesforSchools 🗳️🌍📢 @votesforschools
Firstly, people use your #votes to lead a #change. When we asked you about #volunteering in your #community, @togethercoalit produced a report to tell the world what you thought, and how your ideas could help bring communities together during and after the #pandemic.

51% of children are playing outside with friends less than they were before the pandemic. Playing outside together is a natural way for children to be active, make friends & feel a sense of community where they live.

Join us in supporting #SummerOfPlay:
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We're interested in topics that unite communities across divides, and how we can use them to help bring people together who might not normally meet.

Celebrating our environment is one of them - check this out from @MiC_Global and watch this space for more!
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From community groups, clubs and societies of all sizes, to some of the UK’s best known and most trusted organisations and businesses, we are joining /together to build kinder, closer and more connected communities.




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