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Thank You Day 2022 Review

July 19, 2022|0 Comments

In 2021, we came together to build Thank You Day on Sunday 4th July. Across the UK, our streets, communities and cities celebrated and said thank you to those who have helped us through the pandemic.

Thank You Day 2022

Last year’s Thank You Day was a huge success and we don’t want to lose the positive connections, new relationships and the national moment of togetherness it created – so we’re asking the UK public to take part in Thank You Day on Sunday 5th June, the last day of the Jubilee celebrations, to say Thank You to HM the Queen, but also to each other as friends, neighbours, family, communities and as strangers beginning new friendships.

It could be a Big Jubilee Lunch, a sports activity, a picnic in the park – whatever works for you in your community.

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Previous Campaigns

Christmas Plus One

Many of us got to know our neighbours through the pandemic, by dropping round shopping and looking out for each other. We don’t want those positive connections to fade – so we’re asking the UK public to bring a ‘Plus One’ to their Christmas plans.

It could be for a frosty walk, a trip to the Christmas markets, or for a pint down their local – whatever works for you and your Plus One.

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Billion Seed Challenge

Did you know celebrating and protecting our environment is an issue that unites us?

We’re coordinating the #BillionSeedChallenge to encourage the UK public to come together with their communities between 23rd September and 30th October to plant one billion seeds, together.

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Thank You Day 2021

On Sunday 4th July 2021, we brought the UK public together to say thank you to everyone who supported us through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Over 2 million people safely took part in person. 88% met someone from a different background to themselves at a thank you day event, and 90% said it helped their area feel more united.

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Give Someone a Bell this Christmas

Christmas 2020 was unlike any we’ve experienced, we worked across the sectors to build our ‘Give Someone a Bell This Christmas’ campaign. Working closely with the Royal Voluntary Service, we encouraged people to sign up as befrienders through the NHS Volunteer Responder programme, and put some weight behind a grassroots Facebook campaign called ‘Christmas Jingle’.

Thank You/together

In July 2020, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, we teamed up with the NHS to get huge swathes of the public saying thank you to those who had helped us through the pandemic so far on the NHS’ birthday. Thank You/together was our ‘hello’ to the UK public, alerting them to the presence of our new, diverse and powerful coalition, and saying that we must do more to create kinder, closer and more connected communities.

From community groups, clubs and societies of all sizes, to some of the UK’s best known and most trusted organisations and businesses, we are joining /together to build kinder, closer and more connected communities.


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