Campaigns are at the heart of how /together builds bridges and breaks down barriers between communities.

Our award-winning national campaigns involve hundreds of partners from every sector coming together to mobilise millions of regular people to transform their communities. We achieve results by matching the campaigning expertise of our team to the organising power of our diverse Coalition, with superb media connections and pitching power to get our partners the attention their work deserves.

We build all of our national campaigns in a ‘white label’ style – they’re pre-packaged, centrally coordinated campaigns with their own independent brand that anyone is welcome to take up without needing to formally affiliate to an organisation or cause. This approach is what enables our diverse Coalition to get behind our work enthusiastically and effectively.

Our flagship campaigns

Join the UK’s annual Thank You Day! It’s an opportunity to thank the people on your street, in your block of flats and all those unsung heroes or local legends like the volunteers, teachers and carers who go the extra mile for us. This year, Thank You Day is back with a twist – focusing on giving thanks to our local communities. We know that millions of people feel disconnected from those they live alongside, and feel they don’t have opportunities to break the ice. This Thank You Day, let’s take a moment and get together to recognise our communities and the people in them that go above and beyond.

Launched for the first time in 2023 as part of The King’s Coronation, the Big Help Out brings the nation together through volunteering. The first iteration of the campaign saw over 7million people lend a lend a hand in their local communities with thousands of local and national charity partners, and for 2024 we’re expanding the campaign from one day to a whole weekend! So save the date for June 7th – 9th, and visit the Big Help Out website to take the pledge to volunteer your time for a worthy cause this summer.

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Our  2022/23 Campaigns Report tells the story of how our coalition came together to make our flagship campaigns a success, with selected highlights of some of the amazing work done by our partners to bring people across the UK closer together.

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Campaigns we support

As well as our own flagship campaigns, every year /together provides expert support to a range of worthy campaigns led by our partners. Whether it’s helping push the opportunity to bring people together through our Coalition network or providing bespoke expert consulting services to provide support with campaign design and delivery, /together is always happy to explore how we might be able to help our partners deliver activity that drives social cohesion.

Responding to the country’s needs

Thank You /together

The campaign that our Coalition first came together for in July 2020. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, we teamed up with the NHS to get huge swathes of the public saying thank you to those who had helped us through the pandemic so far on the NHS’ birthday. Thank You/together was our ‘hello’ to the UK public, alerting them to the presence of our new, diverse and powerful coalition, and saying that we must do more to create kinder, closer and more connected communities.

Together for Humanity emerged in response to the 2023/24 conflict in Israel and Gaza, and the deeply alarming surge in hatred this generated towards Britain’s Jewish and Muslim communities. The campaign began with an appeal to the public to join us for a sombre moment of reflection and togetherness — without flags or placards.

Hundreds of people answered the call at short notice, gathering in Westminster to offer thoughts, love and prayers are with all those civilians suffering in Israel and in Palestine. Many more sent messages of support. Other national and local vigils followed and now, we’re working to turn a moment into a movement – one that holds hope for peace, stands against prejudice, and reminds us all of the importance of placing our common humanity above all else.

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Whether you’re a small local charity or a multinational company, joining the /together Coalition makes you part of one of the UK’s most powerful and transformative movements for social change. Our Coalition partners are the first to hear about exciting opportunities to engage in our campaigns and to be part of iconic national moments.

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