The /together Coalition

/together is one of the most powerful and diverse coalitions ever assembled in the UK. It evolved from dozens of separate conversations across the country about the need for a single united group committed to action on social cohesion and building stronger communities. We bring together hundreds of partners – including some of the nation’s best-loved and best-known brands – to build a kinder, closer and more connected society.

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Our Mission

The Coalition was formed in 2020 in recognition of the enormous pressures impacting British society – first the division and polarisation that arose from years of debate about Brexit, then the loss of life and enormous hardship created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, the cost of living crisis and economic uncertainty have only added to the feeling of exhaustion we all share from living through such extraordinary times – and events like the Israel/Gaza conflict are showing that there challenges to our social cohesion will keep coming.

But we were also inspired by how despite the suffering caused by Covid-19, through the worst of the pandemic communities came together, and families, friends and neighbours looked out for one another in a way that moved us all.

From the quiet acts of individual kindness to the celebrated dedication of our key workers, we were all reminded of the power of kinder, more connected communities.

Our mission is to foster and support this spirit, to better face the challenges ahead and help narrow some of the divisions which have characterised our recent past. That doesn’t mean there won’t be profound differences, but we want to see a society where people are connected with their community and feel a part of it.

One in which increased contact builds deeper relationships and enhanced understanding, especially of those we previously saw as different.

One where connecting ideas, events and institutions underpin our communities and help us tackle loneliness and prejudice.

Where our increased connections improve our well-being, our health and our social capital. And where our communities are equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

We aim to help build kinder, closer and more connected communities to face the challenges that lie ahead – /together.

How we work

We make change by harnessing the power of our Coalition – with hundreds of members and some of the UK’s most important charities, businesses, faith organisations and other partners – to mobilise millions to take part in national campaigns that build bridges and break down barriers between communities. Our goal is to bring people together through shared experiences in ways that lead to new connections and strengthened bonds. We also deploy our campaign expertise and mobilising power to support our partners in their work on social cohesion.

Our campaigns

Talk /together

Our Coalition’s early work was shaped by an ambitious piece of research that facilitated the the UK’s biggest ever conversation about what unites us and divides us. The Talk /together report captures our findings from over 150,000 people and more than 200 experts, and since when we’ve been undertaking regular insight and monitoring exercises to ensure our work remains relevant.

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Who we are

Steering Group

Responsible for the Coalition’s direction and evolution, our Steering Group which is chaired by the Archbishop of Canterbury and includes a broad range of voices from major national organisations, as well as a network of experts to guide our work on policy, advocacy and legacy.

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Staff team

A small core team of professional staff runs the Together Initiative, providing the campaigning and policy expertise as well as the organising capacity needed to drive forward our work day-to-day. Our staff work with hundreds of partners to bring our mission to life.

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Board of Trustees

/together is governed by a Board of Trustees responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the charity that coordinates the Coalition, ensuring proper risk management, offering expert guidance and ensuring our work remains both financially viable and in line with our charitable goals.

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The Coalition welcomes partners from every sector and every area of the UK. There are no membership fees and no obligations – all we ask for is a commitment to social cohesion and bringing the country together.

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Questions about joining the Coalition? Email, and a member of our team will be happy to talk through how we might work together.