/Together is a campaign that starts with questions rather than answers.

It’s run by a major new coalition of household names like the NHS and the Scouts, and local community organisations too.

We have now launched talk/together: a UK-wide conversation about what divides us, what unites us and what will bring us closer/together. We hope this will be the biggest public survey since the census, engaging people in conversations right across the UK.

The findings will help decide what /Together does next, from campaigns for change to activities that bring people together.

And we want to invite you to have your say.


  • An online survey that everyone’s invited to fill in.
  • A nationally representative survey later in 2020.
  • Online discussions with members of the public in 50 locations across the UK.
  • Stakeholder discussions, with councils, faith and civil society organisations, business, sport and others who have an interest in social connection. Please email talktogether@together.org.uk if you are interested in taking part in one of these events.
  • An open call for evidence, for people who want to give us their views or share the work they are doing with a wider audience. Further information about how you can take part is given here
  • Partnerships with local organisations who will conduct their own Talk/together activities. We have produced a toolkit to help you run a Talk/together event.

How you can get involved

We want those who support the aims of Together to be involved
in talk/together.


Answer some simple questions about what divides us and what unites us.

Your answers will decide what we do next, to help bring us all /together. We need as many people as possible to share their views, so that talk/together provides a real picture of what people feel unites and divides us - and what we should do about it. So please also share the open survey widely and encourage your networks, friends, supporters and colleagues to tell us what they think too.


Share your ideas and views in response to our open call for evidence.

We are asking organisations and individuals to think about the questions below and send in evidence to talktogether@together.org.uk. We are particularly interested in hearing about initiatives that have been successful in bridging social divisions and building more connected communities.We’d also love people to make short films on their phones that we can share on social media. You can download the PDF including the questions here.


Organise your own talk/together activities and send us your findings.

We want to encourage organisations to hold their own discussions - or pair up with another organisation to put something on. We have set aside a community chest that will enable us to give small grants to cover the costs incurred by small organisations who want to organise their own events. And we’ve created a Talk/together events toolkit to help you to create your own event and answer any questions you may have. You can download the toolkit here.

We would like to thank all the funders who have supported this campaign, especially the Aviva Foundation