/Together is a campaign that starts with questions rather than answers.

It’s run by a major new coalition of household names like the NHS and the Scouts, and local community organisations too.

For the last six months we have been conducting the Talk/Together project: a UK-wide conversation about what divides us, what unites us and what will bring us closer/together.

The findings will be published later this spring and will help decide what /Together does next, from campaigns for change to activities that bring people together.


  • An online survey that everyone was invited to fill in.
  • A series of nationally representative surveys.
  • Online discussions with members of the public in 50 locations across the UK.
  • Stakeholder discussions, with councils, faith and civil society organisations, business, sport and others who have an interest in social connection.
  • An open call for evidence, for people who wanted to give us their views or share the work they are doing with a wider audience.
  • Partnerships with local organisations who conducted their own Talk/together activities.

Look out for the final report from the Talk/together project later this spring

We would like to thank all the funders who have supported this campaign, especially the Aviva Foundation