Together is a coalition that everyone is invited to join, from community groups to some of the UK’s best known organisations. Our aim is to bring people together and bridge divides, to help build a kinder, closer and more connected society.

Our Mission

Together, we are facing one of our society’s greatest tests.

It is causing unimaginable hardship and suffering – many of us have lost loved ones, are struggling with our own physical and mental health and are facing acute financial pressures.

We are all having to adapt to a new reality, one which feels very uncertain and unsafe.
It has come at a time when we were already struggling with rising loneliness, profound inequality and divisive political debates.

Yet the scale of the challenge we now face has in some ways brought us closer together. It has made us more grateful for each other, indebted to the workers who put themselves at risk to keep our society running and protect the vulnerable. We are counting down the days until we can reconnect with families, friends and neighbours.

It has shown people at their best – volunteering, helping neighbours, protecting those at greatest risk, pulling together as communities to support one another.

The question now is how can we best harness and build on this renewed sense of community spirit?

Our mission is to foster and support this renewed spirit, and help narrow some of the divisions which have characterised our recent past. Together we aim to help build a kinder, closer and more connected society to face the challenges that lie ahead. /together

We would like to thank all the funders who have supported this campaign, especially the Aviva Foundation