Thank You Day

Did you know? What started with the #clapforcarers movement in 2020 and has now become an annual event run by the Together Coalition. The purpose of this event is to not only express gratitude towards the UK’s unsung heroes, but also to strengthen community relationships and connections.

This year, Thank You Day is partnering with Music for Dementia and our activities will be centred around the power of music, highlighting how it can bring people together. Our goal is to spread awareness for Thank You Day as far and wide as possible, encouraging people to create their own events, participate in organised events. We are delighted to announce that the legendary Tony Christie, who recently shared his dementia diagnosis, will be re-recording the iconic song “Thank You for Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold in aid of Thank You Day.

We would greatly appreciate your support in any way you feel comfortable with, whether that be through a personal message or video, a social media post, or even a live appearance. Our hope is to make Thank You Day a meaningful and impactful event for everyone involved.

To raise awareness to the many moving pieces and the people/organisations that work tirelessly behind the scenes we are supporting this year’s Thank You Day on Sunday 2nd July. 

Let’s do it in style. Make sure everyone is included, get the school band to play and invite the next street over. Let’s make this the biggest thank you party ever that connects the UK!

How do I get involved?

Get Activated through Music! 

  • Learn ‘Thank You for being a friend’ and Join the national sing-along to be announced in the next coming weeks 
  • Host a Musical Thank You event for your community
  • Attend a musical Thank You event or simply say thank you to someone with music

Spread the word: 

  • Network and ask friends to join in our efforts – we want as many people as possible join in!
  • Nominate your unsung heroes.
  • Tell your friends about Thank You Day

Posts on Socials: Schedule your posts! We’ll be asking partners and the public to post every other Wednesday, between launch day: Wed March 1st and Thank You Day, Sunday July 2nd. Post days are: 

March: Launch day, 15th, 29th

April: 12th, 26th

May: 10th, 24th

June: 7th, 21st

Special posts on the week of 26th June – Thank You Day week!