Which Words Work?

Our love of nature is something that connects people across the UK of all ages, politics and backgrounds. The Billion Seeds Challenge brings together thousands of people in communities all across the country to show our pride in nature, celebrate it and do our bit to respect it and restore balance once again with the environment.

Here are three ideas of words and phrases to use when pitching your #BillionSeedsChallenge planting event with your local community or talking about it with your friends and family.

84 per cent of Britons think we need to do more to respect our countryside and environment, and do more to celebrate its beauty. The Billion Seeds Challenge is a chance to celebrate the beauty of our great outdoors and the people who care for our green spaces across the country. From the gardeners who bring beauty to their backyard, to the landscapers who keep are parks and public spaces open and beautiful all year round, to those who brighten up our streets with a window box or some plants through the window.

World leaders gathering in Glasgow for the COP26 Climate negotiations have an opportunity to start repairing with the damage that’s been done to nature all over the world in recent decades. On the eve of COP26, we are helping to plant a billion seeds across the UK to do our part to restore balance with nature and repair the damage that has been done. We know that our way of life is not in balance with our nature today and this challenge is a first step in helping restore that balance once again.

Two thirds of Britons are proud when they do their bit to look after the environment. Our shared pride in our environment, countryside and nature brings us Britons together. The Billion Seeds Challenge is a chance for communities to show the pride we have in our Great British nature and do our part to respect the environment and brighten it up with some new growth and colour after the winter.

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For more advice, check out the Britain Talks Climate toolkit.

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