Top Tips from Plantlife

Planting seeds is a simple pleasure that all of us can enjoy, whether gorgeous garden flowers, herbs and vegetables or Plantlife’s passion – wildflowers and native plants.  Whether you are collecting your seeds from the wild, digging out some old packets from the shed or taking part in Homebase’s fantastic support of #BillionSeedsChallenge, here are a few tips from us to get the most out of 30th October as we do something together for our communities and local environment.

  • Plant your seeds in pots, window boxes, your garden or join in together with an organised planting in your local green space  – but please don’t plant in the wider countryside or in ‘wild’ areas
  • Look out for Bee Friendly icons on your seed packet to help our native bees and other pollinators
  • If you need compost, choose peat-free products – our wonderful wild peatlands found in Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland support amazing wildlife and store huge amounts of carbon to help in the fight against climate change – let’s protect them
  • Choose locally or British grown seeds if possible
  • If you want more wild flowers in your lawn, create patches of bare soil and use wildflower meadow seeds 
  • Look after your plants – some will flourish for years to come!

Plantlife is a wild plant conservation charity that runs 23 nature reserves across the UK.